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Software for all your mobile devices and the Web

Software for all your mobile devices and the Web


WebMobility Suite

ITMobile Consumer

WebMobility Parking

Devices supported:

Here are other characteristics:


  • Blacklist and whitelist support
  • Checking of old parkings not paid
  • QR Code and Barcode printing and reading support

The module allows to manage the parking and it has the following characteristics:


  • Authomatic Number Plare Recognition (ANPR)
  • Access to EasyPark system
  • Support of fixed price parkings, of price depending of the time of the parking, parcometer price
  • Multimedia support: photos, videos and audio recordings
  • GPS support
  • Setting about the available fields and about their forced inpit by the operator
  • Android 4.0 or higher (App version 2)
  • Android 2.2 o higher (App version 1)
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows CE
  • Sintel eXplor

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