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Software for all your mobile devices and the Web

Software for all your mobile devices and the Web


WebMobility Suite

ITMobile Consumer

WebMobility Management by Web

WebMobility Web Management is the software taht allows you to:


  • manage the data to use on the mobile devices
  • manage the data aquired from the mobile devices
  • import the data form the external back-end system
  • export to the external back-end system the data aquired with the mobile devices


Of every mobile device you can:


  • see the opened turns
  • know the position of the each device in each turn
  • enable/disable each single mobile device
  • see every data created form each mobile device
  • see when every and how every device has been used
  • manage the configuration of each single mobile device


For each operator you can:


  • see all the working turns
  • see each turn path
  • see all the data created and for each one see the GPS position


For each module you can:


  • manage all the data of each device
  • set all the available and requested fields
  • see the data acquired
  • see the icturesm the viceos and the audio recordered
  • export all the data in Excel


The administrator can:


  • create all the user that can access the web service
  • manage the operators
  • manage the mobile devices


The SOS service is available to all the operators to send urgen requests to the center. Each request has the GPS position, the agent name andthe optional message written by the operator.

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